3-Knot Bracelet

Three evenly spaced square knots tied in sterling silver wire closed with the hook and eye clasp. The 3-Knot Bracelet is available in 16, 14, & 12 gauge wire.

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Gold Accent Bracelet 

This 3-Knot Bracelet has a gold center knot, and half gold framing knots that lead into a sterling silver band which closes in the hook and eye clasp.

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All Gold 3-Knot Bracelet 

Made of all 14k gold, this 3-Knot Bracelet features 3 gold knots flowing into a gold band which ends in the hook and eye clasp for total security.



True Lovers Knot Bangles  

In past centuries, a sailor's "true lover" referred to a highly romantic, soul-deep affection meant to last forever. Two silver rings unite to symbolize this commitment, yet each ring is free to move alone. They are available in sterling silver Bangles, Mixed Bangles, and All Gold Bangles.


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Square Knot Bangles

Two rings of 12 gauge sterling silver wire are pulled tightly together to form a square knot, also known as a reef knot. They are also available in All Gold Square Knot Bangles.

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Bitt & Bight Bracelet

Hand laid silver wire forms a 3-stranded twist that represents a bight of line being dropped over a bitt to secure a vessel upon completion of a successful voyage. The bitt is turned by hand from bronze.


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Gold Bitt & Bight Bracelet

Hand laid 14k gold wire forms a 3-stranded twist, topped by a hand-turned stainless steel bitt. This solid gold piece is enjoyed by both men and women. It is for a person who thoroughly appreciates fine craftsmanship 
and the unique feel of gold.

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Marline Bracelet

"Marline" is a two-stranded hemp line used on sailing vessels for serving the standing rig and light binding jobs.  The Marline Bracelet is formed from a hand-twisted silver loop inspired by this traditional maritime cordage. 
It is available in 10 & 12 gauge wire.

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Square Knot Bracelet

A simple, elegant square knot ending in a hook and eye clasp. The Square Knot Bracelet is available in 10, 12, & 14 gauge sterling silver wire.


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All Gold Square Knot Bracelet

A Square Knot Bracelet made of all 14k gold. The bracelet ends in the hook and eye clasp for total security. It is available in 12 & 14 gauge wire.


Square Halves Bracelet

     A Square Knot Bracelet made of half 14k gold and half sterling silver,
intersecting at the knot and the hook and eye clasp


Square Knot Rings

Square Halves Rings

All Gold Square Knot Rings

True Lover Knot Rings

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Mixed True Lovers Knot Rings

All Gold True Lovers Knot Rings


Button Bracelet

The Button collection features interchangeable "Buttons" on a half round sterling silver band. 

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The Button: a simulated faceted  stone in a traditional sterling silver prong setting designed to let a maximum amount of light into the depth of the stone.

The Slim Set Button: a simulated faceted stone in a lower "cabochon type" sterling silver prong setting.

The Cabochon Button: a natural stone cabochon in a sterling silver prong setting
The Extra Large Cabochon Button: a large natural stone cabochon in a sterling silver prong setting


Bracelet Sizing Chart


All Prices FOB Wilmington, DE. Terms: Net 30 Days
Will Ship US Mail Air Priority insured unless otherwise Instructed.